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06 Mar 2023

Sheesham wood dhol is the very famous barrel drum musical instrument in India perhaps being the native tree of India Sheesham wood has remained an ideal elements for musical instruments from the centuries, scientifically it is known as Dalbergia sissoo also known as the evergreen rosewood, sisu, tahil, tali and irugudujava, it is the state tree and the symbol of greenery of Punjab region a sub-region of India.

Before carving any instrument as wood seasoning are done make it resistant to any kind of weather condition the wood can tolerate the extreme cold with the frost and the long dry season the wood are dried for six months under sun special attention are given with hot air circulation depending upon the weather condition, ideal moisture are maintained to make it the perfect veneer timber for the musical instruments.

The wood is known for its best tonal qualities with the pick in high and the low frequencies harmonics they sound full and plenty of projections dhol (drums) are textured coated muffled head slightly and the drums head with the perimeter sound rings mostly eliminate overtones the amplitude of the sound is reduced and the frequency is increased making lower and the higher volume lower.