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Harmonium Types

14 Mar 2023

There are Some Kinds Of Harmoniums

Baby Harmonium, 7 Stopper Harmoniums, 9 Stopper Harmoniums, Folding Harmonium, Scale Changer Harmonium, Artist Grade Harmoniums | Triple (3) Reed Harmoniums | Standard (Stand-up) Harmoniums |  Quadruple (4) Reed Harmonium | Professional Grade Harmoniums | Kirtan Harmoniums | Folding (Portable) Harmoniums | Double (2) Reed Harmoniums  | Delhi Harmoniums | Concert Grade Harmoniums | Calcutta (Kolkatta) Harmoniums | Basic Grade Harmoniums | Amritsari Harmoniums 


Double Reed & Triple Reed

Most harmoniums have two or three sets of reeds per note. See below for how these reeds can be voiced. Double reed instruments can be great, and all you need. A triple reed instrument will give you a fuller sound and more flexibility.

Folding Harmoniums

Portable harmoniums fold up into a suitcase-like box ½ to 2/3 of their regular height. There is a handle in front so they can be carried with one hand like a suitcase. If you are traveling around a lot with your instrument this is an attractive option, since it’s lot easier to carry a harmonium this way than by the two side handles of a regular harmonium. If you’re not, then it’s just another moving part. In general, you sacrifice no sound by getting a portable.