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Before you buy a Swarmandal it is important to get a know the difference between a good and a sub-standard Swarmandal. More importantly you should know what is your requirement. This post will help you to get the facts in order.

That the Swarmandal is tuned to the 3 octaves on a specific raga; there is no standard size available for a Swarmandal; similarly there is no standard number of strings; because different individuals will sing from different keys; Player tunes the Swarmandal to the raag, every one of which will be different. So don’t go looking for a Swarmandal based on what is best. What shuld be considered is your requirement.

Which one will go best with you – 30 strings Swarmandal, or 36 strings Swarmandal? Or would a professional Swarmandal comprising 15 strings suit you better? If you are looking for a student Swarmandal, check out the features of the ones available in that category, compare prices and click on the buy button.

It is also an important consideration if the instrument is going to be used as an accompaniment in female singing. The Swarmandal mainly serves to accompany female singers in India who stroke the open strings with their fingers, especially when they want to bridge short intervals. The Swarmandal is tuned to the respective pitch. The Swarmandal on offer could be stringed with number of strings desired by the musician depending on the raga he is playing.