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Sarangi is played with a bow, has four main strings and around forty resonant strings. This instrument is generally used to accompany vocalists but can also be played as solo instruments.

Besides India the Sarangi is a traditional stringed musical instrument of Nepal also.So decide which Sarangi would you like to own – The Indian Sarangi or the one played and made in Nepal, or something different. Once you decide this you will be able to dig deeper into the features of the one you are looking for and be able to compare prices and features that much better.

Sarangis’ found in India are Sarinda, Chikara, Sindhi sarangi, Gujrtan sarangi, Dhadya sarangi, and Dedh pasli sarangi

Before buying Sarangi you should be aware that this bowed instrument is not too big or heavy. It is carved from a single piece of wood. It has a hollow body. At the top & bottom ends it has one-inch thickness.

Likewise the sides are also half-an-inch in thickness. The Sarangi has a metal bar placed. Make sure that on the Sarani you are buying you see three main strings and one brass sympathetic string that are tuned by four pegs in the lower part of the instrument. The upper part should have eleven pegs that will tune the sympathetic strings fixed there which could be around 35-40.