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Dilruba Indian Musical Instruments


If you are planning to buy Dilruba, it will do you good to be prepared and do your homework before making any buying decisions. A wrong or flawed Dilruba will not only result in waste of money but you will also waste your time taking your lessons on an imperfect instrument. 

When you are paying for something you might as well get what you want.

People often write to us regretting that they ordered Dilruba without finding out details and when the instrument finally arrived it was flawed in some way or the other. When we have checked these instruments we found that most of these flaws were small – caused by the lack of attention by the craftsman.

When you are buying Dilruba find out how big is the bridge that causes resonance, and are the strings too high to be raised, and whether do they touch the frets. All these things block the resonance and finally the sound gets affected.

Sometimes the strings are placed such that every tuning head does not get tightened equally. Some tighten clockwise, and some tighten counter-clockwise. Also make sure that the strings are placed correctly. Some times when the instrument arrives the players find that the main playing string are secondary playing string positions are interchanged as a result of which Dilruba barely makes any sound at all.

There is no warranty on strings. So always order an extra pair while ordering Dilruba so that you do not get stuck at the wrong hour when the string breaks. If you are a student, strings might be required to change every 3-4 months. But if you are a professional player giving regular public performances you may need to change your strings every week.

It is important that the instrument you order reaches you in the condition you are expecting. If you are buying your Dilruba by physically visiting a shop, make sure that you take someone along who knows how to inspect instruments and ask the right questions. If you are order your Dilruba online, perhaps you should ask the seller to send you the photo of the exact instrument that will be sending you. You should know that most of the string instruments that you purchase online, arrive with loosened strings to avoid any damage during transit.

It should be remembered that repositioning the frets is almost always a part of normal duty that comes with owning of a Dilruba. This is because whether the Dilruba you have ordered is moving from wet to dry region or vice versa the frets are bound to shift out of position and the player will have to re-align them to tune the Dilruba.