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Dholak - Buying Guide


If you are looking for a less complicated version go for the innovated nut and bolt Dholak as it is a better engineered version of the Dholak. The design of treble head rim is such that the hooks fit better. The tone on this drum is easier to control as compared to the chord tension ones in traditional Dholak. In the Nut and Bolt Dholak, each head comes with its own tuning mechanism which helps a player to tune the heads precisely.

When you set out to buy Dholak check out the following features – its tala, thekas, pitch, size, accessories, tuning, nuts, bolts, quality of skin, wood, size, dimension etc and above all weigh the facts and see if the one you want to go with actually serves your purpose or not. Also never forget – Cheap is Expensive! So do not settle for something just because it is discounted or priced low. If you are a teacher offering Dholak lessons you will be required to use a sturdier Dholak and will be different from the Dholak used by a professional performer. Likewise you will have to consider the quality of wood used because it affects weight of the Dholak as well as sound quality.

Taking care of Dholak is also a major aspect for it to last long and give the same quality of output after years of usage. It should be kept out of moisture as it can damage the skin of the heads. Any sharp objects near the skins on the heads should be avoided. One should keep both the heads of the Dholak covered when not in use and make sure that nothing is placed over them. Make sure that the ropes are loosened after playing. If not the rope lace will be ruined because of overstretching.