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Bhangra Dhol

Bhangra Dhol - Buying Guide


When you set out to buy Punjabi Bhangra Dhol get your facts straight about what you want, the price you have in mind, what is available in the market etc before ordering one.

Would you like steel made, fibre, wild wood crafted, or the traditional regular bhangra dhol made in sheesham wood? Would you mind going with synthetic skin or would are you keen on the original skin?

Also remember that size of the Dhol varies from region to region in Punjab so if you find difference in size instead of just rejecting the instrument, you can take a good 2nd look at it to check out the quality and genuine-ness of instrument.

Are you a student or a proficient player? What is your budget? Would you consider only those buyers who will supply you with accessories and after sales service? Do you mind ordering it online if you find a genuine dealer? These are some of the very basic questions that you need to ask yourself and have an answer for before ordering your Punjabi Bhangra Dhol.

The most important thing to remember while buying the instrument is that its magic lies in its tonal quality – the powerful bass. If that is compromised directly or indirectly, the whole exercise goes for a toss. 

The Bhangra Dhol accompanies folk dancers of Punjab and gives them the energy, spirit, and a kick to dance forever, and if that quality is missing in the Punjabi Bhangra Dhol you are buying– you’d rather not buy it at all.